Trees importance essay

Importance Of Trees Essay In Urdu

Trees provide us with oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from the environment. It also controls the environmental pollution. Trees are the source of medicine, food for us. It also helps us in making our houses, furniture etc. We need to plant more trees to enjoy the benefits of trees. It is said that save trees save environment. Trees are the most essential part of the environment. It provides us with Oxygen to breath in and absorbs CO2 to maintain the balance in the environment.

The Importance of Trees Essay

Human beings are completely dependent on trees for food, medicine and many more. But unfortunately with the rapid growth in population deforestation is taking place. The number of trees is alarmingly decreasing on the environment.

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In order to live on this planet, we need to save trees. Not only human beings but all the other animals also depend on trees directly or indirectly to survive on the earth. So it is said that save trees and save animals. More plants should be planted to increase the number of plants. Awareness should be spread among people by organizing different competitions like save trees poster, save tree fancy dress competition etc. We all know the importance of trees.

We should make people aware that trees are very important and also teach them why trees are important for us. People nowadays also after knowing how to save trees they are not trying to save trees. The answer to the question of how to save trees is very easy but people are not paying attention to it. The simple answer to the question of how to save trees is, stop cutting trees.

People should not only talk about the importance of trees, but they should also try to implement the measures. The first thing we should do is to teach the children how to save trees and why should we save trees. At first, we should learn how to save trees.

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Efficient use of paper products is important we can also help save trees by motivating others to plant more and more trees, what would happen if the trees decrease in number and also by making them aware about the usefulness of trees. They give humans and animals materials to build their houses.

A tree does all these for humans but in return what we humans are giving to the trees? We shameless humans are just killing trees one after another. So we should make every people aware how to save trees and also try our best to know more from others too. We should all perform the task to save trees and tasks so that everyone knows it too. Many kinds of trees are endangered only because of us shitty people, endangered means the species which are close to extinction. All this needs a simple gesture in the right direction, like focusing on special rights that protect trees.

After knowing the importance of trees we should also perform tasks so that other peoples also know the benefits of trees. But only by knowing how to save trees is not enough we should also try to save more and more trees and plant more and more trees.

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Save trees is a slogan used to motivate people to save trees and plant more trees in the surrounding areas by spreading the importance of trees among people. Trees are our earliest neighbours and best friends. In true sense trees are our real neighbour, Trees are of tremendous value to us. They give us oxygen.

We all know that trees are the best friend of human as trees provide with every necessary thing from medicines to shelter. There are trees which provide us with very useful medicines to cure many diseases. Trees also provide us with edibles which can fill our tummy like fruits, veggies etc. Without trees, life would be impossible on this planet earth.

People nowadays even after knowing how to save trees they are not saving trees they are cutting more and more trees. Can we call this humanity?

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We can likely see that before trees humanity on this planet earth would endanger. This is a huge shame for every single human being living on this planet earth. We the educated people should first start to save trees and stop cutting trees and from we educated people, other people could learn why should we preserve trees, plant more and more trees and obviously stop the cutting of trees.

If we human beings do so we can shamelessly say this earth to be an air pollution free earth as the trees are responsible for cleaning the air. If more trees are there then there would be no polluted air, the air around would be clean and we could breathe clean air as much we want to. So we should tell people about the importance of trees and also attempt our most excellent to save trees.

For centuries the rivers sustained Aboriginal culture. Now they are dry, elders despair

Can anyone ever think that trees can be mothers too? I grew up their constant presence of time. Other species suspected of reaching exceptional age include European Yew Taxus baccata probably over 2, years [11] [12] and western redcedar Thuja plicata. Apart from being a lifesaver, trees are also helpful in absorbing the greenhouse gases which are detrimental and ruinous for our health. Moreover, other benefits of planting trees include that trees help in reducing pollution levels and give us a healthy environment to live.

Trees are the reward or simply the blessing of the so-called god to every living organism on this earth. Plants also do some respiration using oxygen the way animals do. They need oxygen as well as carbon dioxide to live.

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Trees are renewable resources because they can continuously grow. The parts of a tree are the roots , trunk s , branches , twigs and leaves. Tree stems are mainly made of support and transport tissues xylem and phloem. Wood consists of xylem cells, and bark is made of phloem and other tissues external to the vascular cambium. As a tree grows, it may produce growth rings as new wood is laid down around the old wood. In areas with seasonal climate, wood produced at different times of the year may alternate light and dark rings.

Importance and Value of Trees

In temperate climates, and tropical climates with a single wet-dry season alternation, the growth rings are annual, each pair of light and dark rings being one year of growth. In areas with two wet and dry seasons each year, there may be two pairs of light and dark rings each year; and in some mainly semi-desert regions with irregular rainfall , there may be a new growth ring with each rainfall.

In tropical rainforest regions, with constant year-round climate, growth is continuous. Growth rings are not visible and there is no change in the wood texture. In species with annual rings, these rings can be counted to find the age of the tree. This way, wood taken from trees in the past can be dated, because the patterns of ring thickness are very distinctive.

This is dendrochronology. Very few tropical trees can be accurately dated in this manner. The roots of a tree are almost always underground, usually in a ball shaped region centered under the trunk, and extending no deeper than the tree is high. Roots can also be above ground, or deep underground. Some roots are short, some are meters long. Roots provide support for the parts above ground, holding the tree upright, and keeping it from falling over in high wind.

Roots take in water , and nutrients , from the soil. Without help from fungus for better uptake of nutrients, trees would be small or would die.

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Most trees have a favorite species of fungus that they associate with for this purpose. Above ground, the trunk gives height to the leaf-bearing branches, competing with other plant species for sunlight. In all trees the shape of the branches improves the exposure of the leaves to sunlight. Branches start at the trunk, big and thick, and get progressively smaller the farther they grow from the trunk.

Branches themselves split into smaller branches, sometime very many times, until at the end they are quite small. The small ends are called twigs.